2021 Holiday Video Recaps

Feb 08 2022   |   By: Jon Burke

Taroko closed out the Lunar calendar with a Casino themed 尾牙 before heading into a week of 春節耍廢

There is a lot to be grateful for after living through another year of Taiwan’s pandemic success story, so what better way to count our blessings than by reflecting on the joy and laughter we shared as a company? Below you’ll see a few video recaps of the holidays we spent together in 2021, starting with our year end party:


Evelyn planned a wonderful Christmas party and Santa even made a surprise visit to the office!

In Taiwan, we eat 雞佛 for Thanksgiving feast

Spooky times at our Halloween donut decorating contest

Delicious 烤肉活動 for 中秋節

Looking forward to all the fun we’ll have in 2022!

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