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Feb 08 2022 | Events

2021 Holiday Recap

Taroko closed out the Lunar calendar with a Casino themed 尾牙 before heading into a week of 春節耍廢...

Nov 30 2021 | Uncategorized

Q4 Team Building 2021

Is it coincidence that for Q4 team building everyone chose survival-oriented activities in the midst of a pandemic?...

Apr 27 2021 | Events, Events, Events

The Taroko BBQ Bash

The Taroko head office celebrated a beautiful March afternoon with a rooftop barbecue.

Mar 31 2021 | Uncategorized

International Women’s Day At Taroko

In March, Taroko hosted a Women’s Day event, bringing in Mandy Chung — founder of Women in IoT — to lead a discussion and workshop on recognizing biases in the workplace.

Feb 03 2021 | Uncategorized

Wonder Engineers 1984 | Engineering Team Building with KBBQ and Movies

The engineering team celebrated a year of hard work with a cheesy KBBQ spread and a movie day, watching the new Wonder Woman movie.

Jan 28 2021 | Team Building

Operation Clay Pigeon Shooting | Team Bonding

The operations team set off to Linkou to shoot clay pidgeons with a friendly competition between a mix of teams.

Jan 13 2021 | Team Building, Team Building, Team Building

The Taroko River Boat Ramble

Taroko’s marketing team celebrates the end of a long 2020 with a lovely, late-autumn boat ride.

Dec 29 2020 | Uncategorized

Happy Holidays From Taroko!

Christmas at Taroko. We ate charcuterie, swapped presents, and built delicious gingerbread houses.

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