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Meet Our Leadership Team

ed huang

Edward Huang


Former Project Manager at the Department of Defense, B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Edward co-founded Taroko and now acts as its Chief Marketing Officer.

Josh Moore


Former Chief Architect at Taroko Software, BS. in Information, Science & Technology from Pennsylvania State University. Josh has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and development, and leads our engineering team.

David Reynier

David Reynier


Former Finance Manager at Somfy, MBA from Montpellier Business School. David brings 13 years of experience in finance and management to Taroko, and leads our operations team.

Mike Leonhard

Mike Leonhard

CEO of

Former President at Moshi, B.S. in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon. With 12 years of experience in sales and leadership, Michael shapes and executes Taroko’s global sales strategy.

Meet Our People

"Here lies one who knew how to get around him people who were cleverer than himself."

Andrew Carnegie's Epitaph | Industrialist & Philanthropist

Howard Chai

CEO / Founder

Ed Huang


David Reynier


Susan Chai

Legal Counsel

Jason Malm

Director of Sales

Howard Davies

Operations Manager

Juan Ardila

Director of Customer Relations

Betty Ko

Customer Relations Manager

Howard Chang

Accounting Manager

Penny Lee

Accounting Team Lead

Sabrina Chen


Sean Lu


Betty Du


Lynn Lin


Iris Chen


Mayrose Acera

Business & Financial Analyst

Curt Tigges

Business & Reporting Analyst

Chloe Wu

Junior QA Engineer

Cindy Lin

Search Engine Marketing Coordinator

Kelly Yen

Business Operations Analyst

Mickey van der Zouw

Business Operations Analyst

Dominik Choy

HR Manager

Ted Chang

HR Adviser

Sherry Weng

Office Manager

Viola Yi

Administrative Specialist

Michelle Chiu

Administrative Secretary

Mark Slack

Marketing Director

Joyce Chou

Digital Content Editor

Zachary Vickers

Content Marketing Specialist
zach vickers' spirit animal

Geoffrey Scott

Managing Editor

Zachary Paruch

SEO Manager

Matthew Kerr

Senior SEO Strategist

Alexander Garcia

SEO Coordinator

Karilyn Dearie

Digital Content Editor

Samuel Johns

Content Marketing Coordinator

Simon Fogg

Content Marketing Coordinator

Conrad Benz

Content Marketing Coordinator

Heidi Chen

Social Media Manager

Mary Phan

Social Media Trainee

Kevin Sery

Social Media Specialist

Alvin Lin

Outreach Specialist

Mollie Moric

Content Marketing Specialist

Felix Sebastian

Managing Editor

Peter Huang

Director of Engineering

Josh Moore



QA Automation Engineer

Mingyang Hung

DevOps Engineer

Aaron Chuo

RG& Termly Team Lead

Alan Yu

Senior Engineer

Sean Hsu

Senior DevOps Engineer

Ken Chen

Junior Engineer

Aaron Chou


Sean Huang

Junior Engineer

Carr Wang

Front-end Developer

Ian Chen

Front-end Developer

Leo Kao

Front-end Developer

Sam Zaza

Software Engineer Team Lead

Darren Chia

QA Lead

Morris Lin

QA Engineer

Ping Huang

Senior QA engineer

Angela Wang

QA Engineer

Johnny Liu


Jimmy Chen

System Administrator

Marcus Lin

Back-end Engineer

Eddy Chang

Senior Product Manager

Andy Chuo

Product Manager

Amanda Lee

Documentation Specialist

Venice Rempillo

Creative Director

Karin Japardi

Digital Designer / Illustrator

Amy Lee

Web / UI Designer

Lulu Chang

Digital Designer

Mike Leonhard

CEO of

Melisa Vargas

Director of Operations -

Emily Haver

Community Coordinator

Jonathan Chow

Community Coordinator

Corey Miller

Content Editor/ Writer

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