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From its incredible natural landscapes to its friendly people, find out why more and more expats are starting to call Taiwan home.

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Why Taiwan?

Why would anyone want to live in a place where white-sand beaches and aqua blue oceans are just hours away from snowy mountain peaks; where a comfortable lifestyle is affordable, and the cities are modern and safe; where mouthwatering street food won’t get you sick; where a national healthcare system will ensure you won’t go broke even if you did; where friendly locals welcome you graciously to their home country?

Those of us crazy enough to live in such a place are proud to call Taiwan home — and we’d love for you to join us here.

Highly rated by expats

Taiwan’s virtues are backed up by hard facts — a 2016 Internations Expat Insider survey of 14,000 expats living in 191 countries found that Taiwan topped the list for people who were asked about their quality of life, personal finances, and work-life balance.

Modern, convenient, and fun

Excellent infrastructure, efficient transportation systems, and ubiquitous convenience stores make Taiwan an ideal place to live comfortably and affordably. It’s a country built for everyone — the explorers, the thrill seekers, and those of you who like to take things a little easier.

Gateway to Asia

Whether you’re a lover of exotic tropical locales, a foodie looking for a culinary journey, or a historian fascinated by ancient cultures, Taiwan’s proximity to South and East Asia makes it easy for you to travel anywhere you’d like on the cheap.

Low Cost of Living

Taiwan sits right in the sweet spot between modernity and affordability. Compared to the United States, rent, restaurants, and general consumer prices are far lower, meaning that you can save money without sacrificing comfort. You’ll enjoy a high standard of living in Taipei, and can rely on extremely cheap and efficient public transportation.

Life & Activities

taiwan surfing


Taipei is close to several awesome beaches, but our favorite is in Kenting. Though it’s a bit farther way, located at southern point of Taiwan, it’s renowned for its white beaches, aquamarine oceans, and delicious street food. It’s the perfect getaway for a relaxing weekend, and easy to get to by either bullet train or one of Taipei’s frequent buses.

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If you love history and culture, Taiwan has an endless supply of it. The National Palace Museum displays 8,000 years of Chinese history; the cities and countrysides are dotted with gorgeous Taoist temples and Buddhist monasteries; and the Taiwanese have no qualms about sharing their holiday traditions with you.

xiao long bao steamed dumplings


Taiwan has become world-renowned for its variety of culinary delights. Whether it’s served up in a fine dining establishment, or made on the spot by a friendly night market vendor, you can enjoy an incredible range of delicious and affordable food.

jade mountain in taiwan


For those of you who love nature, Taiwan’s beautiful and accessible mountains are ideal getaways from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a multi-day hike to explore snow-capped Jade Mountain – boasting the second highest peak in all of East Asia.

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