International Women’s Day At Taroko

Mar 31 2021   |   By: Jon Burke

In March, Taroko hosted a Women’s Day event, bringing in Mandy Chung — founder of Women in IoT — to lead a discussion and workshop on recognizing biases in the workplace.

Our discussion and workshop covered a wide variety of topics, including (but not limited to):

To create an inclusive, diverse workplace is a crucial mission for every company to accomplish. From recruiting to meeting arrangement, there’s a lot we can do everyday to take part in empowering female and bring greater values to the company and society as well.” – Helen, HR

Our teams learned about microaggressions before breaking off into smaller groups to discuss how we can combat them.

“Empowering women means putting an an end to trivializing specific genders, such as only reducing them to physical appearance and how ‘agreeable’ they are.” – Sam, Engineering

We also pulled together a clothing drive to support Harmony Home — a charity in Taiwan that provides shelter, care, treatment, and support for people living with and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Taiwan. The charity also shelters undocumented immigrants, many of whom are migrant workers with difficulties, including victims of human trafficking and non-Taiwanese mothers and their children.

Learn more about Harmony Home here.

Happy International Women’s Day from Taroko!

“I think it’s important that we have these types of discussions in the workplace (women in the workplace, microaggressions, inclusivity, etc) and I’m glad that we all got a moment to reflect and share our thoughts and opinions.” – Mary, Outreach

Overall, we had an insightful and educational Women’s Day event. It was a productive afternoon of discussion, and we now feel better prepared to create an office environment that we can be proud of.

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