The Taroko River Boat Ramble

Jan 13 2021   |   By: Helen Shih

Before sunless winter weather draped itself over Taipei like a damp blanket in early December, Taroko’s marketing team managed to make it out for a lovely, late-autumn boat ride to celebrate the coming end of a long 2020.

After assembling at the Dadaocheng Wharf on a pleasant November afternoon, the group of happy marketing professionals boarded a spacious riverboat for a three-hour romp on the Danshui River. Drinks and confections were consumed, good conversations and slow jams were enjoyed, and as the sun began to set and spirits were high, the team disembarked and made their way to Dadaocheng’s famous rooftop restaurants to continue merrymaking into the night.

It was a beautiful day, and a much appreciated reward for the hard work put into improving Taroko’s web properties following Google’s May 2020 algorithm update.
Although it was a goodbye for some (thanks for the memories, Marco Slacko), the time spent together on that boat grew the heart of the marketing team three sizes that day. And for that alone, it’s clear their team-building excursion was a resounding success.

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