Taroko’s Q2 2024 Team Building: Creativity and Fun in Full Swing

At Taroko, we believe in keeping our work culture vibrant and connected. This Q2, we separated into two groups with two fantastic team-building activities: the “Hand-Made Moss Glass Ball” workshop and the “Cyber Cube Jump” challenge. It was all about fun, creativity, and bonding with our colleagues.

Hand-Made Moss Glass Ball Workshop: A Creative Retreat

On a Friday morning, our team got hands-on with the peaceful art of making moss glass balls. It was a delightful break from our daily routines, letting us tap into our creative sides and enjoy some quiet time. With an instructor guiding us, we chose our materials and created unique little ecosystems. It was wonderful to see everyone sharing ideas and admiring each other’s work. By the end, we had our own beautiful moss glass balls and a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie.

Cyber Cube Jump Challenge: High-Energy Fun

The other day, the “Cyber Cube Jump” challenge brought a burst of energy and excitement. This dynamic physical activity had us navigating obstacle courses, testing our quick thinking and teamwork. We cheered each other on, shared tips, and celebrated every jump. The room was filled with laughter and high-fives, making it a memorable and thrilling experience.

Building Stronger Connections at Taroko

Our Q2 2024 team-building activities were a hit, blending creativity, relaxation, and a good dose of fun. At Taroko, we’re all about creating an environment where everyone can thrive and connect. These activities brought us closer together and reminded us of the joy in teamwork.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Taroko—where work and play go hand in hand!

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