Team Building – Escape Room and Happy Hour!

Nov 12 2019   |   By: Helen Shih

Our group decided to do our two favourite activity suggestions — an escape room at Lost in Ximen and a cocktail making class at Duo Taipei.

We figured these would satisfy the two key requirements of a successful team building event:

1) Cooperating to solve creative problems as a group, based on our individual strengths 

2) Getting slightly drunk in a novelty fashion

At Lost, we split into teams, got locked inside different themed rooms, and had to help each other solve puzzles and find clues to escape in under an hour. Although only my group managed to get out in time, nobody else emerged with any physical injuries, so I’ll assume the others had a good time and worked well together too.

Next up was cocktail school at Duo. After sampling some different spirits and sharing a few classic cocktails, we went behind the bar one-by-one to try making the drinks ourselves. We got to choose either a Clover Club, Gin Fizz, or an Old Fashioned. The bartenders walked us through each step, making sure our final concoctions were equal parts delicious and photogenic. 

Overall I thought our team building went really well — creating groups from different departments gave us a chance to get to know people we don’t usually work with, and having the freedom to plan our own activities was a cool bonus. Big thanks to everyone who came, and Viola for making the reservations.

Now that a good portion of the office has had cocktail training, maybe it’s time to open an official Taroko bar?

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