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We’ve perfected the process of identifying market opportunities that are not only practical and scalable, but also beneficial for everyday people, businesses, and entrepreneurs. We leverage proprietary processes to rapidly design, develop, and market cutting-edge and user-friendly products that redefine markets and shake up the competition. Then, we aggressively reinvest our profits into new products and do it all over again.

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  • Invoice Genius
  • Legal Templates
  • Resume Genius
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Motile LLC

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We help entrepreneurs create legal policies for their websites and apps, and keep them compliant in a rapidly-changing legal environment.

Achieving legal compliance for apps and websites is gradually becoming more difficult, as governments around the world pass stronger laws to protect consumers. We created Termly to help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve and maintain legal compliance at a significantly more affordable rate than what attorneys charge for this service. Now, Termly is being used by well-known personalities and brands like Joe Biden and Michelin.

“Termly transformed what would have been an expensive, two-month interaction with attorneys into an enjoyable, inexpensive process. The resulting documents are current, thorough, and give us confidence that we are doing right by our customers. I highly recommend Termly.”

Dean Heckler, CEO of Heckler Design

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Our first native mobile app, we make invoicing easy and affordable for contractors, freelancers, and small businesses.

Built for the App Store and Google Play, Invoice Genius represents Taroko’s first dive into the mobile app space, both in terms of development and App Store Optimization (ASO). We wanted to help modernize and simplify the payment and invoicing process for contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. Leveraging our UI/UX expertise, we successfully created an intuitive and affordable platform that anyone can use.

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We connect vetted freelance writers with entrepreneurs and businesses that need high-quality content for their websites, apps, and magazines.

At Taroko, content marketing is our expertise. When we realized that existing content marketing solutions for businesses were lacking, it became clear that we could build to be the solution we couldn’t find elsewhere. Now, has hundreds of vetted writers who write top-tier content geared for SEO, social media, newsletters, and more, for website owners and content marketing firms worldwide.

“Shhhhh…Don’t tell anyone but is our new secret weapon. was a lifesaver. I needed an article that was based on some time-sensitive news but didn’t have the time or bandwidth to find a writer or write it myself. The portal was easy to use and the writer who was assigned to my project turned the article around quickly – with no changes necessary! She really understood our business and the message we were trying to convey. I can’t wait to use it again and recommend it to all of my pr colleagues. A real (secret) treasure for publicity pros.”

Andrea Burnett

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We developed Legal Templates to help everyday people avoid expensive lawyers and create, personalize, and e-sign the legal forms they need, when they need them.

The process of commissioning and creating a legal document from a lawyer can be expensive and time consuming. With Legal Templates, we help tens of thousands of people per year personalize our attorney-drafted legal documents, saving them hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees and headaches.

“I was delighted at how easy, straightforward, and quick the process was. After filling in requested information, I simply clicked a button, and the website created a professional-looking document instantaneously.”

Elizabeth W.

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We’ve simplified the job search process, helping job seekers create top-grade resumes and cover letters in minutes with intuitive and intelligent software.

The job search process can be an agonizing and difficult period for people of all ages and walks of life. When we launched Resume Genius, we wanted to help simplify one of the most misunderstood parts of the job search — creating a resume and cover letter. Since its inception, we’ve helped job seekers create over 2,000,000 resumes and cover letters.

“Resume Genius’s resume builder takes away all of the stress and difficulty that comes with making a resume. I created a cleanly formatted and persuasive resume that landed me more interviews, and employment soon after.”

Stephen C.

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We connect brides-to-be with their dream wedding dresses, and help them prepare for their big day via colorful blog pieces, informative how-to guides, and beautifully curated social media posts.

There’s a lot more to planning a wedding than many realize, so we’ve built a home-base for brides (and grooms too!) to help them out along the way. From our intuitive wedding dress selection page that can help anyone pick out the perfect gown, to our beautiful blog posts and comprehensive how-to guides, is your portal to all things wedding. svg logoGo to website

We tailor merchant service solutions to businesses from any industry (all across the risk spectrum), and ensure that the payment processing of each client is optimized to fit their individual needs. (Motile LLC) is an exciting new Taroko project, conducted in tandem with a team of talented veteran merchant service agents to bring payment processing solutions not only to American businesses, but ones all over the world.

With teams in Taiwan and the U.S., this international venture seeks to educate young entrepreneurs on how they can fine-tune their operations, connect established business owners with optimal rates, and find creative answers to high risk merchants’ processing woes.

We build products that simplify people’s lives.

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