Wonder Engineers 1984 | Engineering Team Building with KBBQ and Movies

Written by Leo Kao

The Engineering department’s team building outing starts off in the Meat Warehouse in Ximending. The team is getting together to celebrate the results of a whole year of hard work!

The table is filled with all kinds of fresh raw meat. It squeaks with the rhythm of the grilling net and the fragrance is overflowing.

After a full meal the team went to Xinguang Cinema in Ximending. Going to the cinema during working hours means you can choose whatever seat you want. The team made a group decision and decided to watch Wonder Woman 1984.

This is the one-day celebration itinerary for our engineering department team building. Everyone is very happy and looking forward to the next team building!


隨著一片片擺上烤網的節奏吱吱作響 香味四溢

工程部的 team building 大餐選擇位於西門町的肉倉






我們看的電影是大家一起決定也一致期待的 神力女超人1984

這是我們工程部門 team building 的一日慶祝行程

大家都很開心也很期待下次的 team building

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