Operation Clay Pigeon Shooting | Team Bonding

Written by Curt Tigges and Lulu Chang

Our group decided that the best way to celebrate the end of the year would be to blow off some steam by blasting some clay pigeons with shotgun pellets. After a quick pizza lunch, we were driven out to the clay pigeon shooting range, located in a forested, relatively unspoiled group of hills on the outskirts of Linkou.

We began with an in-depth safety briefing and familiarized ourselves with the ins and outs of shotgun handling, guided by our friendly, betelnut-chewing instructors.

To spice up the shooting and enhance our intra-group bonds, we split into two teams and engaged in a friendly competition to see who could shoot the most clay pigeons. Some of us had never fired a gun before, but everyone took to it eventually and earned some points for their team. More importantly, everyone was able to enjoy themselves and feel the satisfaction of hitting their targets!

Ready to do some shooting for our Q4 cross-team building, including the Operations, Design, and HR team.
Everyone paid attention to how to work a physical gun in a safe way, before the shooting
gets started.
Curt and Davies did well during the shooting competition.

After finishing our shooting rounds, we all posed for photos. We then spent a nice amount of time chatting and relaxing on a balcony overlooking some gorgeous natural scenery as the sun set.

It was so much fun! We all had a good experience at the end of day.
It’s time to chill on the balcony and take group pictures with the beautiful scenery. 
That’s a wrap, looking forward to seeing the next team building! 

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