Taroko 尾牙 2023 Highlight | Party Like a Local Taiwanese

With the approach of the new year, Taroko celebrated the harvesting 2023 with a Taiwanese style year end party.

Everyone put on their most “Tai” dress and accessory, from tattoo sticker, gold necklace, to aluminum baseball bat, thriving to get the blue-white flip-flop stickers, and win the best dress award. The restaurant for Taroko’s yearend party, Meowvelous, is famous for its authentic Taiwanese cuisine and interior design, set the stage for an evening where traditional flavors met innovative nomads.

Tarokors got impressed with the live entertainment such as the breathtaking magic show where balloons turned into doves, the portrait artist sketching everyone into vivid pictures in 5 minutes, as well as harmonious combination of background music made by DJ.

Take a look at the recap below to experience all the fun and laughter of partying like a local Taiwanese!



令人耳目一新的魔術表演、一眼瞬間變成鴿子的氣球,以及人像藝術家米豆哥以短短五分鐘不到的時間將每個人描繪成栩栩如生的肖像畫,都讓泰樂夥伴留下深刻印象;而 DJ 精心編排的背景音樂則與「台式經典」主題相互呼應。

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