Team Building – 六度空間 Lazertreks

On 23 August, we all headed out to 六度空間 Lazertreks laser tag arena for an afternoon of infrared shoot-em-up fun. We all had a lot of fun tracking each other in the dark and trying to tot up the highest scores (shout out to Ping, Michelle, and Sean for getting the first, second, and third highest scores, respectively!). Splitting up into teams added a new layer of complexity to the game (except for the team capture game where my red team proudly captured all the members of the green team within about 30 seconds!).

On a final note, thanks to Kari (our boss for the day), Michelle, and Kelly for organising our event, and to everyone who came along for getting involved and making the day as fun as possible.

Afterwards, we enjoyed an all-you-can-eat buffet at 饗食天堂 (Eat Together). The food was exquisite — it’s not your typical all-you-can-eat fare. My advice if you go is to avoid carbs like pasta and rice so that you can enjoy more of the tender steak and delicious seafood. Their mashed potato is also a must-have, especially since mashed potato is a rarity in Taipei.

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