Striking and Rolling Pins

2022 Q1 Team Building @ Taroko

Two of the teams went for a DIY baking 🍰 experience for Taroko’s Q1 team building event.

“Some of us took on desserts that are more difficult to make.” said Chloe, “Those who finished earlier offered help, and everyone ended up with great results.”

Mayrose and Evelyn both noted how supportive their team was during the DIY bakeoff. “Such supportive colleagues with an amazing ability to multitask!”

“They are very much willing to help while completing/following their own baking instructions as well; motivating and cheering everyone on.”

Another team decided to enjoy themselves at the 🎳 bowling alley and compete against one another in groups.

“I didn’t know this before, but apparently Johnny is a bowling assassin.” Eita commented on our senior software engineer, who carried his group to victory.

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