Team Building – Can’t cook, won’t cook

We arrived at Kook Living early afternoon. The cooking space was a beautiful, brightly-lit room redesigned to fit a large kitchen, balcony, bar, living room area, and even a mini-tent. Ian had prepped a mouth-watering multi-course menu featuring smoked salmon appetizers, two types of salads, baby back ribs, sous-vide steak, spaghetti carbonara, and panna cotta for dessert.

We split into our groups and started prepping at our work stations. At the bar, Darko worked on an array of cocktails, that made their way periodically around the room. A couple of shots snuck their way in and we shared some drinks with the owner of the cooking space.

When the food was finally ready, we set the table, poured some wine, and began eating. Every dish was amazing and the meal was easily the highlight. Cooking together was the perfect team-building task as we had to stay organized, work on tasks together, and create something to be shared with everyone. The natural conversation that flowed meant we were able to learn new things about our coworkers.

Post-meal, we relaxed on the couches where we set up a bingo game to distribute the rest of our budget while enjoying our dessert. We all picked numbers from a jar and after several rounds, Ian, Darko, Felix, and Johnny were the lucky winners. To celebrate, even more drinks.

By the end of the outing we were full and happy.

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